Meet the Team

Debra Lee, MD


“As a pediatrician, it is an immense privilege to be part of a child and family’s life in such an important and intimate matter. I love that my job is to connect with children and to make sure that they stay healthy so that they can thrive in adulthood.”

Lori Kropfelder, NP


“I believe in a collaborative partnership with patients and families. It is important to listen to the needs of the family in order to provide the best care.”

Faith E. Frankel, MD


“‘Cura Personalis’ is a Latin phrase I was taught at Georgetown during my training. That translates as ‘Care for the entire person.’ My philosophy in caring for my pediatric patients is that in order to serve them best I need to see them as who they are as a person, their circumstances and their challenges as well as their medical diagnosis. I believe in partnering with parents and the children I care for to include them as vital participants in medical decision making. Prioritizing quality care and patient centered communication, not time allotted for an appointment, is what I believe results in the best medical care.”